What we do

we empower 

Youth Empowerment

We strengthen youth and communities to be powerful in addressing their own challenges  


Youth Empowerment

EYES-SL provides livelihood training to young people 


Gender Equality

We ensure that everyone reaches irrespective of  gender sexual orientation  


Child Protection

The heart of our mission is to ensure that everyone is reached and to attain a sustainable world We can’t complete this mission if Children are left behind Child protection is core to our vision    


Community Development

We ensure that every vulnerable communities are transformed into smart and productive community through the intervention of our programs and projects 

Success Stories

Rehabilitation of Geoma one community well

Every community needs safe drinking water, to help prevent disease, protect women and children from abuse, and help to save family income. 

We help the Geoma One community to access clean drinking water by rehabilitation the borehole which has long been forgotten by the community because of the lack of resources to repair it EYES-SL successfully solved this challenge in Geoma one community Women Children and young people can now have access to water for drinking, without paying for it cheers to us all     

Girl Child Empowerment

EYES-SL life skills training has prepared 30 girls age 9 to 14 years with the Sierra Leone National Life Skills Manuel, this three months training was given to these adolescents  girls to prepared them for the many life challenges ahead of them so they will be fully papered to combat them 

Peace Campaign

we live to hope that we will go back to our communities to ensure that everyone is safe therefore EYES-SL will resolve any issues that will led to treat of PEACE from national to community level  

Development is a collective effort to individuals, communities, Government, donors and partners
We can achived a sustainable world if everyone deciside to donate a cent to every causes they care about
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